The Birth of Atlas

between the earth and the sky,

between the world and abyss,

atlas, born into love and peace.

The Birth of Sky

And there we were, in a kind of harmony;

and the evening was so beautiful, that it

made a pain in my heart, as when you

cannot tell whether you are happy or sad;

and I thought that if I could have a wish, it

would be that nothing would ever change, 

and we could stay that way forever.

- Magaret Atwood, Alias Grace

Skyler came into this world, fiercely and sure. His birth, a still point of the turning world. "You are held, you are held, you are held." Those were the words spoken into Danica's ears as she delivered her boy in the calm, on her knees, under the water.

Danica, your love is full strength, tender, moving, true. Your oldest boy was magically in-tune and attentive to your needs, have I ever seen such gentleness? Your husband was steady, present, full of wonder and awe. Skyler, Skyler. He is everything good. 

Thank you for the gift of being able to document your smallest son's birth story on a grey morning in April. I could never forget it, it is a part of me now. 

come in, come in

again, I walked away from their home having learned so much about love. 

when mid-shoot, a stray cat wandered into their yard, the girls were curious but reluctant to greet the cat by the window. Ben then turned to his daughters and said, "when someone comes to our door or window, we say welcome, welcome, come in!" 

such a small moment that in turn taught me so much. what if this is how we met each interaction with a stranger at our window? what if our response was always an urgent and immediate, unquestioned, "yes, welcome, come in, come in." 


penelope and maddox, a rainy afternoon at home.