littlest life changers

spending the morning with these two lovies and then editing hundreds of the images … I was absolutely blown away by the fact that they are home, they are happy and thriving, dancing and learning, talking and playing. they are loving and they are loved. they have a perfect amount of sass and wit … they have the hugest hearts and the sweetest souls. so many, many months of loving them from a different country and wishing and hoping and praying for some good news that they would come home soon … the days drug on and it truly felt like some distant dream that would never actually happen … and then suddenly, not so suddenly, they’re here.

they’re here. 

and my heart is overflowing with love for them. six months of loving them in the same country and it has been truly wonderful, better than I ever could have imagined.

it’s because of these two little hearts that I decided to spend five weeks in Haiti. it’s because of these two that my heart was softened and opened before Nepal so that my eyes could be opened in ways that they weren’t before. it’s because of these two that I just knew I would adopt littles of my own someday.

Chelley, Naika … you are life changers. you’ve changed my life for good and for that, I am the luckiest.