something new

Friends! As some of you may know, in just a few short weeks I’m opening my home to foster babies where I’ll be loving on them as if they were my own. I’m incredibly excited and deeply humbled by this new venture of foster parenting and I feel so lucky to have been able to learn from all of you wonderful parents for the past eight years. 

While I’ve photographed hundreds of newborns, I’ve never actually mothered one and I’m both anxious and excited to see how this shapes and changes Kadi Tiede Photography. 

I’ll be limiting my shooting time to just a few Saturdays + weekdays a month and I wanted to give you first dibs on those dates in case you wanted to get your summer session on the books! 

Monday - May 29th - OPEN

Monday - June 12th - OPEN

Saturday, July 15th - OPEN

Monday, July 17th - OPEN

Saturday, July 29th - OPEN

Monday, July 31st - OPEN

Monday, August 14th - OPEN

Saturday, August 26th - OPEN

Saturday, September 9th - OPEN

Saturday, September 16th - OPEN

Monday, September 18th - OPEN

Saturday, September 30th - OPEN