Out Of The Country | Israel

I just wanted to let you all know that I will be out of the country on a big trip to Israel from March 15th-26th. (I am SO SO SO excited. I get to go with my mom who is leading the trip and my grandma. It'll be amazing, I'm sure. We'll actually get to walk Palm Sunday Way on Palm Sunday!! And yes, I'm sure I'll take hundreds and hundreds of pictures!) While I'm out of the country, I will not have access to my phone, email, computer, nothing. (Not entirely sure how I'll survive.) I will respond to all of your emails and questions by March 30th! If you email me and do not receive a reply by March 30th, shoot me another email because something may have happened and I didn't get it.

I've had an absolute shooting so far this month and I can't wait to be home to photograph more sweet babes!