my grandpa

my grandpa is one of my very favorite people in the whole world. He reminds me of Aslan and Santa. He's strong, tough, and protective of everyone he loves. He's also incredibly sweet, gentle, and completely adorable ... (but don't tell him I just called him 'adorable'). I can’t even count how many times I’ve thumbed through these old childhood photographs of him as a little boy. I’m utterly obsessed with these pictures. They’re absolute perfection. The photographs have this really nostalgic element to them - this romantically cliche but genuine quality to them. They’re real. They’re honest. They’re pictures of my brave, tough, strong grandpa - when he was this innocent, adventurous and imaginative little boy.

There a few things I want to say after looking through these photos.

1) thank you, thank you, thank you to whoever took these photographs. maybe it was grandma great, his mom … maybe she took out her little film camera and captured her boy, exactly the way that she saw him, in all of those little moments that she wanted to remember for ever. or maybe it was his dad. grandpa great. I honestly don’t know who took those photographs, but thank you. I wonder if they knew that 60 years later, that little boy’s granddaughter would be utterly blessed and inspired by those daily snapshots. These photos stress the importance of just - simply - taking - pictures. It doesn't matter if they're tack sharp or perfectly exposed, the point is that the photo was taken and kept. I don't care if the photographer used "the rule of thirds" when she framed the picture of my grandpa riding his tricycle out of the barn - I do care that it's a picture of my adorable three year old grandpa riding a tricycle on the farm that he was born on. Technical photography has it's place and is incredibly important (i'd be the first person to tell you that!) - but so is just documenting the real, taking those snapshots.

2) this. this is why I take pictures. to create permanence. to create something that people can hold onto. to remember the important things by. all I want to do for the rest of my life is take beautiful photographs like these and create these keepsakes for other people. if something is beautiful to you, if something is worth remembering, if something is important enough to you that you want to savor it forever - take. a. picture. - tuck it away for the grandkids to find. share your pictures and tell your stories. it’s important. it's what we leave behind. I am forever grateful to have these photographs and so thankful to whoever took the time to take these pictures.

go take some pictures of the people who are important to you. what you'll create, is invaluable, priceless memories that are now frozen forever. go on, you know you want to. :)