because what she's doing matters

Rhyan is without a doubt one of the most passionate and fiery people that I've ever met. Her story is convicting and inspiring and when you sit down to hear what she has to say, you're left with the overwhelming drive to get up and do something big. Her passion for Christ, for this island, and her children is contagious and spreading quickly. She's the founder and director of Espwa Berlancia, a nonprofit organization committed to serving the women and children of Haiti through pregnancy partnership and a foster care program.

She's the mother of two beautiful babies that she's been caring and loving for since their very first breath.

She writes about her experiences, sharing pictures and stories here.

I was more than honored to get to sit down with her and soak up as much as I could from her stories that she so graciously shared with me. I loved spending time with her darling littles (some of the cutest darn kids in Haiti, i'm sure.) and I can't wait to spend a week with her in Belle Anse this summer when I go back to Haiti. She and her babes are about to embark on an incredibly huge and hard journey to live in the poorest village in Haiti, to be the Kingdom for these families that so desperately need someone. I urge you to consider supporting this mama + her children. Because what she's doing matters.