The Birth of Tori

"words fall through me." // glen hansard sometimes a moment is so complex and deeply beautiful that no arrangement of 26 letters could ever fully describe the feelings felt in that moment.

sometimes even a picture doesn't do that moment justice.

though I will fail at both, i'm going to try and put into words and photographs what this day was.

... when I arrived to the La Crosse hospital on a gorgeous Monday morning (June 17th - baby's official due date), everyone was resting in a sleepy, dark room. It had been a long night at the hospital and they were all working through the day with little to no sleep. as the morning turned into the afternoon, things were still progressing slowly, but progressing. we flipped through the baby book and packed and re-packed her diaper bag, oohing and ahhing over how tiny the clothes were and wondering if she would ever really be that little to fit into those clothes. we guessed weight and height and placed bets on what time we thought she would make her arrival ... dad guessed she would be 24lbs - mom guessed 6lbs.3 ounces.

the anticipation hung in the air and while everyone was exhausted, there was a very noticeable excitement that just filled the air. anxious. nervous. excited. ready. not ready. SO ready.

they talked about their struggle to have this baby ... about how they've tried for years and years, battling infertility  for a long time but finally overcoming all of that - today.

if there was ever a baby so wanted, so loved, so needed ... she was it. she was about to come into this world, screaming and pink, welcomed into a room crowded with people who adore her.

what a lucky girl. :)

after almost two hours of pushing, a very hard-working mama delivered a healthy beautiful baby girl at 4:13pm. tiny and wide-eyed with big feet and a full head of hair ... Tori Michelle Newman was FINALLY here.

my favorite part of watching every birth is hearing the first words that the brand new mama says to her brand new baby. always, "i love you so much." and in Tori's case, "we have waited SO long for you. you're finally here."

dad just stood in complete awe ... grandma and great-grandma with tears in their eyes, lovingly kissing those edible baby cheeks and smelling her sweet smelling head.

it was a crazy beautiful day.

i love experiencing their happiness.

i'm honored to have been invited in to the most intimate, special, biggest day of this family's life. a day they've been waiting for forever.

every birth is a story and i feel truly blessed to have been able to be here with them, capturing all of those firsts with them - Tori's first breath, her first cry, her mama's first words to her, her daddy's first kiss on her cheek, her mama humming to her, her cousins in awe of her ... everything. all of it. it's amazing. truly - amazing.

i am enchanted.


(I would highly suggest watching the slideshow before scrolling down to see all the images - it's a really special way to see the images and videos for the first time.)


^^ check out that birth weight - mama was right on!