In all my four years of photographing families, I’ve never had a session quite like tonight’s. I’ve never smiled so much that my checks hurt and teared up so much that my eyes were burning. I’ve never experienced such beautiful, unconditional, tremendously unbreakable love. Their love was completely uncontained. I’ve never witnessed a family holding onto each other quite so tightly as they were tonight. Their love for each other was practically spilling over and they just couldn’t contain their pure joy to be together. When you know you’re about to lose someone, you squeeze them so snug and just pray that the day would never ever end and that’s what they do every moment. Gracie never stopped hugging her mom, every second. Mitchell was trying so hard to be strong when he was hugging his mom, but you could see in his eyes that it wasn’t working. Sasha was his usual goofy self until he got real close to Emma and just said, “I love you, mom.” In the most serious tone that a 13 year old can have. Kevin asked if he could get a picture of him on one knee, proposing to Emma, in the exact place he proposed to her twenty years ago … As he was on his knee, he said, “I would marry you again today.” And she said, “I would marry you again right now.” They hugged and laughed and kissed and cried and over the course of their one hour photo shoot, never stopped telling each other how much they loved each other and it was easy to see. I’ve truly never seen a love like theirs. 2013-09-18_0012013-09-18_0022013-09-18_0032013-09-18_0042013-09-18_0052013-09-18_0062013-09-18_0072013-09-18_0082013-09-18_0092013-09-18_0102013-09-18_0112013-09-18_0122013-09-18_0132013-09-18_0142013-09-18_0152013-09-18_0162013-09-18_0172013-09-18_0182013-09-18_0192013-09-18_0202013-09-18_0212013-09-18_0222013-09-18_0232013-09-18_0262013-09-18_0272013-09-18_0282013-09-18_0292013-09-18_0302013-09-18_0312013-09-18_0322013-09-18_0332013-09-18_0342013-09-18_0352013-09-18_0362013-09-18_0372013-09-18_0382013-09-18_0392013-09-18_0402013-09-18_0412013-09-18_0422013-09-18_043