at the movies

drive in movie + vintage arcade games + $1 hotdogs + a photo booth + orange soda in bottles + polaroid pictures + staying up past your bedtime to watch a movie in the back of the van = basically kinda sorta the best family session EVER.

those things made the session really memorable, definitely.

but those aren't the things that made the shoot for me.

the things that made the shoot beautiful and memorable for me was Chad's quilt that his grandmother "made" despite the "Made in China" tag, it was the fact that Jocie shared her m&m's with me, it was orange stained cheeks from messy soda bottles, it was blurry not perfect polaroid pictures that we took, it was sticky fingers from ice cream sandwiches, it was Heather and Chad spinning and playing with the kids until they were dizzy, it was pajamas and blanket snuggling in the back of the car and the occasional commentary about the movie, it was the honest to goodness genuine love that was undoubtably evident.

those are the reasons why I simply and utterly adore this family and these pictures so much.