"When you are adopted, your parents looked out at the whole world and picked you.”

I’m a firm believer that adoption is one of the most beautiful things in this whole world. I’m blessed to know many people who have adopted children into their families and their overflowing adoration and unconditional love for their children is truly awesome. (awesome; adjective, causing feelings of wonder and inspirational awe.)

These amazing families have really prompted me to get involved in the small way that I can. I’ve created a new package that KTP now offers to celebrate the families that have adopted new additions into their family and to document their first year, as I would a “Baby Planner” or other packages.

Adoption // 3 sessions within the first year that your new addition has been home. The first session, “The meeting”, when you go to the hospital or airport to meet your precious little one, I’m there to capture that moment when you first see, hold, and kiss your new little one. (If you meet your kiddo/s in a different country, I could be at the airport back home when all of your friends and family meet them). The second session is 2-3 weeks after your child has been home. I do a family session with everyone, capturing all of those first moments. The next session is 6-12 months after your child has been home. We do another family session with everyone, celebrating their Gotcha Day and all the changes that have taken place since they’ve been home.

I really wanted this package to celebrate families who are adopting and since adoption is oh so expensive, I wanted this to be affordable for families so they too can have an abundance of pictures that they may not have. It’s $300 for all 3 sessions, including a huge slideshow at the end of the year that re-tells the story of bringing your child home.

If you are in the process of welcoming a new little to your family or know someone who’s adopting, I would love to hear from you! I’m really looking forward to the sweet blessings that this will bring. Email me at

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