the birth of finn

It’s hard work, growing a baby and laboring through all of that crazy intense pain to actually bring this baby into this world. I can’t even imagine. I’ve seen it happen seven times and I still can’t figure out where these women muster up their strength to work for eight, twelve, twenty hours to deliver their babies. the moment he was born, I could literally see the shock and sweet relief that, “oh, I did it!” spread across this new mama’s face. she instantly burst into tears and I saw the love sweep over her. “I love you so much, baby. I would do anything for you. I would do that all again. You are so worth it. You are worth anything. I love you with every inch of me.” she said.

what a beautiful moment to witness. a family becoming a family for the first time. every worry, every anxious thought, every fight to get where they are … to here. a healthy baby boy snug, crying that fresh newborn cry (which I’ve decided is my favorite sound in the world), mom and dad crying because for the first time they have the titles “mom” and “dad.’

first breath. first cry. first look at each other.

"hi, baby. i’m your mama." … how lucky am I that I get to witness and capture and preserve such a profound moment.

the emotion that swept over room 3307 was incredible.

oh, what a day.

welcome to this crazy world, Finnian.

you are so loved.