the birth of Boden and Adaire

there is nothing quite like watching two new tiny humans come into this world. open lungs, loud wails, clenched fists, pink cheeks, wrinkled feet, polka-dotted noses - they are infinitely loved and extraordinarily precious.

they are magnificent for everything they already are and everything they are yet to be.


with one frantic phone call, a panicked mama on the line saying, “the babies are coming - now!” … I hustled and hurried to get to the hospital in time to photograph the birth of these babies. Sam Smith was playing in the background and just moments later, Boden Alyster David was born, dimpled, pink, and hungry. a few in-utero summersaults later, Adaire Joy was born, feet first and stunned.

it was a terrifying first few minutes while both mamas cried and we waited for their petit little girl to cry too and oh thank goodness, she did.

they are long awaited  and oh so loved. showered and covered in that unconditional kind. I’ve watched this family welcome their first little boy into their lives, an engagement, a wedding, and now the birth of their twins. capturing their story as it unfolds and grows is one of the biggest honors and blessings in my life - I am forever grateful that people trust me with their memories.

Boden and Adaire, you are precious and mighty and loved.