I can’t tell you what love is, but I can show you.

I believe that from the dark, confusing places in our lives emerge moments of peace, light, and transcendence. Throughout the past two years I’ve come to learn the intricate paradox of grief and joy and how to be okay with these two opposites sitting together. And I have learned, I am learning, to live expectantly, with open hands, and to always reach for the life I want.

I believe in the color green and that church can happen in a slow river. I believe in asking good questions, leaning into grace, and always, always, always choosing love.

I'm a Minnesota native serving the greater Rochester and Twin Cities areas. I started my business in 2009 because I had a passion for people and story. 

When I'm not photographing families, I can be found running my storytelling nonprofit, the Sakina Mission. I have the privilege of photographing people all over the planet and telling stories of grace, redemption, and restoration. 


some kind words from my clients

On the eve of my son’s first birthday I am reminded, through the beautiful work Kadi did for us, of the power of the business I am so proud to be part of. Thanks to our photographer, we can relive our son’s first cry, first comforting touch from his mother, the way we looked at him moments after he entered the world, and countless other memories from one of the most important days of our lives. Words can simply not express the thankfulness we have for this truly priceless investment.
— Scott
Kadi’s work is truly art. She is able to capture true connection and the feeling of a moment. Her photos have helped heal me through a very difficult, and yet thankful, time in my life.
— Angela
Since the day my son was born, I’ve found myself saying - constantly - ‘I want to remember this exact moment.’ But in the blink of an eye, he’s gone from newborn to a year old and then some, and he’s mastering things that I couldn’t have imagined my sweet baby would do so soon. But, I have the photographs. I have the photographs that take me back to his big eyes and little baby sighs. I can pick up the newborn pictures Kadi took of my son and smell his soft fuzzy hair - because it captures that exact moment. I’m forever grateful for Kadi - for capturing moments that I can pick up and feel and smell and imagine. That is photography at its finest.
— Rebecca